Engineered solutions for structures before, during, and after construction

Wild Engineering Group are civil engineering consultants with over 35 years of research, analysis, and design experience in the areas structural engineering, road ecology, and wildlife crossing infrastructure. Located in Bozeman Montana, our successful projects have included diverse geographic regions and landscapes from the Mountain West to the Midwest. Our unique background and experience bring innovation and effective designs to our projects.

steel connections

Structural Engineering

  • Concrete, steel, wood, masonry member analysis and design
  • Forensic investigations and inspections
  • Instrumentation, data collection, remote monitoring
  • Bridge deterioration modeling and analysis

Wildlife Crossings and Landscape

  • Effective Wildlife-vehicle collision mitigating infrastructure (e.g., wildlife fencing, jump-outs, road access points, under- and overpasses) design, placement, and landscaping.
  • Retrofit of existing transportation infrastructure for improved wildlife use.
  • Wildlife crossing monitoring and data collection.
  • GIS mapping and statistical modeling of animal-vehicle collisions.
wildlife infrastructure including a wildlife crossing overpass